Score 4 The Planet, 4 All Species, 4 Peace
  ... the global environmental games. 

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** Print And Sign The Earth Citizens Accord Here **
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  Earth Citizens Accord
Earth Business Accord

The Earth Citizens Accord is a call to 1 billion Earth lovers to score 4% for the planet each month via the dimensions of Team, Art, Logic and Love.

By scoring 1% or more in each of these 4 dimensions, every Earth Citizens Accord signer will help manifest a global ecological movement to protect this awesome planet.

To Join The Earth Citizens Accord::
Print and Sign the four Earth Citizens Accord goals. [Nice background choices now.]

To Power-Up Your ECA::
Post your signed Earth Citizens Accord at home work, and other locations.
Estimate and enter your monthly scores, or check marks into the log cells each month.
Join the Earth Accord Facebook Page to help build a grassroots ECA network, and to connect with other ECA members.

Some Earth Accord Rewards::
All Earth Accord Facebook Page members that meet their goals get a chance to win XOEarth Man's cape and over $4,000 stories, art and music
Get EarthE Rewards and EarthE Discounts from participating businesses or individuals in your community for meeting your Earth Accord 4% goals.

Bonus ECA Actions::
Invite others to join the ECA, and reward ECA members for meeting their goals by printing out and giving them XOEarth money, or other EarthE rewards.
Make and wear (easy to make) Earth Accord eco fashionable shirts and bracelets. Or, buy shirts and other "body media" from the EA Store.

And For Businesses::
Print, sign and post the Earth Business Accord at your business location to join the EBA.

* 1% of a person's time equals 1.5 hours based on an average work-month of 150 hours.

We hope you join the Earth Accord in this eco adventure to get 1 billion individuals to sign the Earth Citizen Accord, and 1 million companies to sign the Earth Business Accord goals by 2016!

  Monthly Scores Log
*Time & Income

Earth Citizens Accord Log::
There are 12 little boxes in each of the four ECA LOG rows where you can put a check mark, or input your monthly percentages/scores for the *time and/or income you have given back to the planet.

Entering your Team, Art, Logic and Love scores or check marks each month turns your ECA into an ongoing eco media action that will inspire others to join you in helping the planet.

1% of a person's time equals 1.5 hours based on an average work-month. Divide your hours given per month by 150 hours if you want to get your exact time contribution score/percentage.

Divide your monthly dollar donations by your monthly net income to get your dollar contribution score/percentage.

  Post And Carry
Your Earth Accord

Post your Earth Accord goals at home, at work or at play, and carry it with you to take a stand for the planet and to inspire others.

To post your ECA: Stick it on a bulletin board, fridge or computer; make an ECA sign for the front yard or window; use the ECA as your screensaver; etc.

Posting your Earth Accord goals in public is a grassroots media action.

Also, feel free to print some little and big Earth Citizens Accord logos to post at home, work and school. The EA Store has some logos you can copy too.

  Press Releases
Invite Friends

Earth Accord signers are invited to send a copy of this press release to friends and the media to get others started. There is also an ECA "letter to the editor" template.

Journalists are also welcome to contact us for a current press release.

  EA News
Dance - Party

EarthE Party Every Month = The first Saturday of each month is EarthE Party Day worldwide! If there is not an EarthE party in your area, invite friends and environmental organizations in your community to a get together to celebrate your Earth Accord successes and reward others for their successes.

Dance 4 The Species = Another super thing to have at an EARTHE party is a Greenmatrix Dance 4 The Species.

ECA Logos

Here are some Earth Citizens Accord logos for your bulletin boards, yard signs, store windows and every where else::
3.5" X 4" ECA logos, and,
7" x 8" ECA logos.

Multi-Lingual Resources

Because the Earth Accord is a global initiative, if you would like to help translate the Earth Accord into other languages and/or help maintain a webpage in another language, please contact us.

Spanish [incomplete]
Japanese [not yet]
French [not yet]
Chinese [not yet]
German [not yet]
Arabic [not yet]
    Hi There All,

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page in two shakes of a little lambs tail.

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See You There Soon

* Click to preview and print your ECA.*

Earth Citizens Accord 4

Score 4 The Planet, 4 All Species, 4 Peace
seeking 1 billion signers by 2014
citizen's name/ date

As a citizen of this exquisite and endangered biosphere, it is an honor to help defend it. Therefore — to manifest a united voice, ecological action and peace for all life forms — I hereby affirm these four 1% goals.

 Team log 

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

My goal is to support environmental organizations and non-profit teams that protect the Earth — with 1% or more of my time* or income.

*1% of one's time equals 1.5 hours (based on 150 hour work-month).*
Environmental organizations and Teams are ultra important defenders of the Earth in the courts, media, government, field and community.
team notes
Jan Feb Mar Apr May

  Art log 

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

My goal is to speak, write, create media or eco art to inform, inspire or reward actions that help the Earth — with 1% or more of my time*.

Every Earth lover can be a powerful grassroots force for the planet by using their words and talents in a passionate or Artful way.
art notes
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul

 Logic log 

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

My goal is to use logic and science to make the most Earth friendly lifestyle, consumer and work decisions — 1% or more of the time.

Eco Logic and science is an exciting journey into the future personal and global benefits of our eco actions and lifestyle choices.
logic notes
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

 Love log 

My goal is to explore and embrace the love, beauty, wisdom and wit of the Earth's species and ecosystems — with 1% or more of my time*.

Time in nature, science and spiritual studies, and eco arts are ways to connect with the web-of-life's essential wisdoms and Love.
love notes

Print and Sign the Earth Citizens Accord to join this global initiative and ecological game for the planet.
Post your signed ECA at home or work, and enter your monthly percentages (or check marks) into the log cells each month.

Go To Print ECA Page.

Above is a preview of the Earth Citizens Accord (ECA)
from the ECA print page. Plus, you can add jazzy backgrounds at the bottom of the print page.

PDF option:: If you prefer to quickly print your Earth Citizens Accord pledge as a PDF document — even though the quality is not as good as printing directly from the HTML print page — click here.

  Join The
Earth Accord Facebook Page

Join the Earth Accord Facebook Page to help build the ECA network and voice.

The EarthE Facebook Page is a rad place to post a message and share stories about eco actions, ECA scores and connect with other ECA signers. Post your environmental pictures and events there too.

So come join us in this journey to bring together scores of hands and hearts for our biosphere, for community, for all life-forms.

  The "Notes" Line
Eco Journaling

The four "notes" sections in the ECA pledge are a place to enter any notes about the eco actions you have taken. The back can be used to journal as well. Although adding notes is optional, it can power-up your ECA even more.

  4 Kids & Groups
& 4 Fundraising

The Earth Citizens Accord was also written to work for kids and young adults too — both as an eco incentive program and an environmental games program that is fun AND benefits the planet. We invite teachers and parents to incorporate the ECA into their natural science, environmental ed and environmental games programs.

There is also an ECA-GROUP version if a group of people or a class wants to work together to meet the Earth Citizens Accord goals and team up in these environmental games.

Clubs and groups who want to raise funds for their projects and get others to join the Earth Citizens Accord, can get sponsors for each person who signs and posts the ECA. Contact us for free info and materials on this environmental fundraising project. To verify or validate the EarthE awards, each person who signs the ECA can be honored on a website, in a club publication and/or in the local press.

Plus, go to the ECA Environmental Games page to get instructions and downloads for add-on environmental games to support the Earth Citizens Accord game.

  Homemade ECA Clothing
Colors Of Earth Accord

To make your own eco fashionable ECA clothing use permanent markers or acrylic paints to put the Earth Accord logo or the Earth Citizens Accord goals on shirts, pants, dresses, backpacks and other clothing. This is also an easy and fun way to make Earth Accord flags and other "eco prayer flags".

To make an Earth Accord bracelet, wrap 5 feet of GREEN chord or ribbon loosely around your wrist 4 times and then tie it on to show you are taking the 4 Earth Accord actions — Team, Art, Logic and Love. A True Lovers Knot can be used to adjust your bracelet (or necklace).

  Earth Accord Store
& EarthE Store

Check out the Earth Accord Store and the EarthE Store to get some fun ECA and other eco gear. There are t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, notebooks, prints and more. If you don't find what you want in the store just email us at
xoearth(et)yahoo(dat)com and we will design and add what you want to the EarthE Store at no charge.

Custom Songs: Stele composes and record custom folk songs to raise money for the ECA project. These songs can be written for special occasions, as a gift for a friend or as an affirmation tool for one's personal goal. These songs usually utilize beautiful nature imagery to empower the mood of the songs. Contact Stele for more info via xoearth(et)yahoo(dat)com or call 72O.34O.8O8O.

EA Environmental Games: The environmental games page has free real life eco games to use with Earth Accord/ Score 4 The Planet environmental games. There are also free card and board environmental games materials to support the Earth Citizens Accord on request.

Preview and print the E.B.A..


The Global Ecological Game + Seeking 1 Million Business Signers By 2014

As a business on this exquisite and endangered biosphere, it is an honor to help defend it. therefore — to empower a united voice, ecological action and peace for all life forms — we hereby affirm these four 1% goals.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Our company's goal is to give 1% or more of our net income before taxes and/or total company work hours as pro-bono to environmental organizations and non-profit groups that help protect our planet.

•Joining local and global environmental projects and organizations in the protection of life on our precious Earth is an honor and responsibility of our business.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May


Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Our company's goal is to use 1% or more of our advertising and in-house communications to artfully inform others on ecological issues related to our products/ services, and eco-responsible use thereof.

•Our communication network can efficiently inform those who might not otherwise hear about environmental issues relevant to our products/services.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul


Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Our company's goal is that 1% or more of our time, expenses and infrastructure is directed towards the design, production and distribution of products/ services that are more ecologically responsible.

•Almost every business decision - including daily expenditures and capital investments - effects the health of our employees, community and planet.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


Our company's goal is to give 1% or more of our awards and incentives to employees and officers for their actions and innovations that have resulted in more eco-responsible operations and products/ services.

• It is important that our business rewards and promotes high environmental standards and creativity in its operations and within its field.


1] Print and Sign the EARTH BUSINESS ACCORD to join this global action for the planet.
2] Estimate and enter your company's monthly percentages (or check marks) into the LOG cells around the 4th of each month.

Preview and print the E.B.A..


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