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Imagine... thousands of fans working with musicians, artists and writers to manifest a wave of powerful media that inspires others to care for the planet.

Imagine... thousands of beautiful, edgy, conscious environmental songs, art pieces and writings that debunk and silence the advertising that feeds materialism.

Imagine... millions of people taking eco actions because of the music, art and words that inspire them to manifest an ecological society that honors all the life that loves to live.

Join us in this crucial movement to get out more ecological songs, art pieces, articles and videos that affirm our love for this exquisite planet and empower our commitment to protect it every day.

For all the life, Stele Ely
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XOEarth Pledge and Card ::

All lovers of the Earth are invited to take the XOEarth Pledge, and print out the XOEarth pledge/ card.

~~~~ XOEarth Pledge ~~~~
"As a lover and a voice for this exquisite biosphere,
I pledge to team up with others to create
and sponsor music, words, art or media that
inspires people to take eco-logical actions.

signature / date

:: my weekly XOEarth goal ::
Dedicate one or more hours every week to work with others and/or on my own to manifest or support art, words, music and media that honors a person(s) for an eco action, and/or asks a person(s) to take an eco action.

Print and sign the XOEarth pledge/ card here or write it out by hand if you prefer.

front of card

The pledge card has 2 print pages to choose from ::

#10 The XOEarth Pledge/ card print-page #10 has 10 cards per print page. >>

#8 The XOEarth Pledge/ card print-page #8 has 8 cards per page. (8 cards up works better on some printers) >>

To fit the most cards on a page, set the printing margins to the smallest values possible. Use "Page Setup" and/or "Print Preview" to adjust the margin values.

When adjusting margins, it is easiest to just enter "0" for the "top", "bottom" and "side" margins. The browser and printer will then re-apply the smallest default value available.

In most cases, the XOEarth cards will be 3.5 inches wide when printed. If the cards are not this size when you print them, open the "Print Preview' window and then adjust the scale/percentage to 100%.

Printing and giving out black and white versions of the XOEarth card is fine too! It's more about how they are offered, than whether they are in color or not. We still give out black and white XOEarth cards at schools and fairs --- they work great. Printing on colored paper is another option.

Printing the XOEarth cards on heavier paper is a classy way to go -- but is not necessary.

When XOEarth cards are printed they will be sharp and in focus -- even if they appear a little blurry in some browsers.

So have fun flashing your XOEarth card to others to encourage them to join you in creating eco media, and to help empower a visible ecological society.

Feel free to print and give away a bunch of un-signed XOEarth pledge cards too.

pledge card - back - coming soon

text on card - back - coming soon
green voices. blue rewards. xoearth.org
XOEarth is an urgent call to all musicians, writers, artists and fans to pledge one hour per week to create media that is a voice for our exquisite biosphere.

1/ If you are a songwriter, artist or writer, boldly tell others about your eco media projects -- via your blog, email and XOEarth Facebook -- inviting others to collaborate on and/or fund the project.
2/ If you are a fan, seek out an eco media concept that you like, and then offer support to a musician, artist or writer to complete, promote or fund the eco media.
3/ All musicians, writers, artists and fans are asked to pledge one hour per week to create, promote or fund their chosen eco media project.
4/ Print and sign the XOEarth pledge/ member card, and print cards to give to friends.

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> Signup for the XOEarth/ EarthE Newsletter -- a monthly update.

> 140,000 Love Songs for the Planet:
One of XOEarth's big goals is to get *140,000 Love Songs for the Planet* written, recorded and on top of the charts. Musicians, writers, artists and videographers from all over are needed to get these environmental songs out there.

That's one hit song for every endangered species -- 140,000 species could go extinct this year. But musicians, artists and fans worldwide can help turn this around with some great songs and music videos.

Stele Ely, XOEarth's director, is working with others to co-write, record and produce some of these environmental songs and vids. Contact him to collaborate.

If you are a music fan, sponsor one of the *140,000 Hit Songs for the Planet* songs Stele is working on, or sponsor another eco songwriter or artist.

If you sponsor one of Stele's songs, he will give you a percentage of the song's copyright and a certificate of co-ownership in your name, or in the name of your choice if it is a gift. Your copyright percentage depends on how much you contribute.

Some of Stele's songs are on the XOEarth.org blog and at soundclick.com/ greentopia.

> This month's suggested XOEarth action is to create Global Warming media from the perspective of children or lovers of the future.

> GreenVibe is a music station with some rad examples of eco and social activist music -- at SoundClick.com.

> Post your XOEarth pics or check out the pics of others on our Flick'r and Facebook.

> The XOEarth Music, Art and Word Guilds are just getting started. All eco conscious musicians, artists and writers/ wordsmiths are invited to join one of the guilds today. These membership cards are still in the works.

> Coming soon, print the new XOEarth member card here for yourself, and to give to others.

> Artists, photographers and students are needed on XOEarth art, media and videos projects. contact us for assignments.

> EarthE.org has some superb ways honor eco friends for their eco actions. Let's create media that builds on the EarthE concept.

> The global XOEarth party is un-officially on the 4th Saturday of each month. Feel free to start a XOEarth party and dance in your area.
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Subscribe to the XOEarth/ EarthE Newsletter for monthly updates,Click here to get our EarthE Newsletter stories and humor about the EarthE and XOEarth initiatives. >>

Join the Facebook XOEarth Group to connect with other XOEarth'lings, and to post your creations, ideas, gigs and offers. >>

We have a Flick'r photo album with XOEarth goodies, and you can add your pics too.

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Make a donation or an in-kind contribution (via our Paypal account) to help keep XOEarth going. We promise to stretch every dollar you give for the benefit of lifeforms and peoples around the world! In kind donations for our online and silent auctions are welcomed. Make payments with PayPal - it's free and secure.

Depending on the contribution amount, donors will receive a custom song written by Stele Ely, a XOEarth bracelet and/or other gifts.

Email us, call 72O.34O.8O8O, or go to our donation page to join the team.   more >>
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