XOEarth Perks Sign           XOEarth Perks Sign
XOEarth Perks Sign       XOEarth Perks Sign

::   XOEarth Perks Sign Printing And Laminating Tips   ::

** To print the PDF version of the 4 XOEarth Perks signs above, go to XOEarth.org/PerksSign/ or here. **
Printing the PDF is usually easier.

To fill-out your XOEarth Perks sign ::
1) Write your business' Facebook name (the page title) for your business on the first line after the @ symbol (so people can tag your business on their Facebook timeline).

Making and displaying the sign ::
Print the signs on heavy paper. Write your business' Facebook name (page title) on the line after the @ symbol.

To make double sided signs for windows or tables, print the 4-up 4.25" x 5.5" signs on 8.5" X 11" paper, cut vertically down the middle and fold in half. Cover the signs with clear packing tape, or laminate. To make table signs, tape the fold corners.

If you laminate the "table tents", leave 2 inches of extra plastic at the bottom of the folded sign when you laminate it. Then cut the extra plastic in a way to interlace it to hold the tent together. We can send you pictures showing how to do this.

If the signs are not centered in your print preview, use the page setup in the file menu to adjust the top and bottom margins and/or change the browser's font size.

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XOEarth Perks Sign