XO Earth Credit Sign          

::   XO Earth Sign Printing And Laminating Tips   ::

These XO Earth credit signs are good for store windows, cash registers and counter tops.

Two of these four images are upside down to make it easy to make two-sided signs and 'table tents'. Once this page is printed, it can be cut apart vertically and then folded in the middle to make the signs and 'table tents'. These little signs can be laminated or covered with clear packing-tape to protect them.

If the signs are not centered vertically on the page in your print preview, use the page setup in the file menu to adjust the top and bottom margins and/or change the browser's font size.

Write your business's XO Earth Credit and business's name on the sign before laminating. Use a black permanent marker to write the credit and business name.

To keep the little 'table tents' standing up, roll a little piece of tape onto itself, and then place the tape near the hinge on the inside of the folded tent.

If you have a laminating machine to make the 'table tents', leave 2 inches of extra plastic at the bottom of the folded sign when you laminate it. Once it is laminated, cut the bottom in a way to create 4 legs and then fold the legs at a 90 degree angle. Email us if you want us to post pictures showing how to do this.

Printing on light cardstock makes much better signs and table tents.

To print a bigger version of this sign, print the image below, or save and resize the image before printing.

Feel free to contact us to tell us you have started your credit, or if you need help printing or making these signs from this page.

Have fun giving XO Earth Credits!