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Big XO Earth Pledge

** 1 Percent For The Earth **
Seeking 1 billion signers By 2017
~ citizen's name ~

As a citizen of this exquisite and endangered biosphere, it is an honor to help defend it. Therefore -- to manifest a united voice, ecological action, a deeper love and peace for all life forms -- I affirm to these four 1% goals.

 Team xolog 

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My goal is to support environmental organizations and non-profit teams that protect this excellent Earth -- with 1% or more of my time* or income.

* 1% of one's time equals 1.5 hours (based on 150 hour work-month). *
Environmental orgs and Teams are ultra important defenders of life and love via the courts, media, government and community.
~ team notes ~
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  Art xolog 

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

My goal is to speak, write, create media or eco art to inform, inspire or reward actions that help this wondrous Earth -- with 1% or more of my time*.

Every Earth lover can be a powerful grassroots force for the planet by using their words and talents in a passionate or Artful way.
~ art notes ~
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 Logic xolog 

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

My goal is to use logic and science to make the most Earth friendly lifestyle, consumer and work decisions possible -- 1% or more of the time*.

Eco Logic and science is a loving journey into the future benefits of our current eco actions on life and love locally and worldwide.
~ logic notes ~
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 Love xolog 

My goal is to explore and embrace the love, beauty, wisdom and wit of the Earth's species and ecosystems -- with 1% or more of my time*.

Passionate time in nature, life-science and spiritual studies, music and the arts are ways to connect with the web-of-life's essential wisdom and Love.
~ love notes ~

Print, sign and post the XO EARTH pledge at home, work and play.
Invite friends to join, and honor them with EarthEs for meeting their XO Earth goals.
Enter your monthly percentages (or check marks) into the xolog cells.
Post your XO Earth pics and stories on the Facebook, MySpace, Flick'r or Yahoo group.
*1% of a person's time equals 1.5 hours based on an average work-month of 150 hours.

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~~~ Tips For Printing The XO Earth Pledge Above ~~~

To print the XOEarth pledge shown above, set your browser to a "Smaller" font size so the XO Earth will fit on to one page. Use the "Print Preview" under the "File" menu to see if it fits onto a piece of 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Once it is the size you like, select "Print" under the "File" menu to print the pledge.

Tell the printer to print page 1 only to keep these "tips" from printing.

~~~ XO Earth Backgrounds ~~~

Here are some other backgrounds for your pledge.
No Image | Earth 2 Hands | Pink Rose 870 | Dark Deco | Light Deco | Sunflower Monarch | Tree Dancer Luthien | Planet Earths 140 | Planet Earth 680 | Blue Butterflys | No Image

To add a background COLOR below, first click on "NO IMAGE" above.
By the way, the intense colors below usually look much better when they are printed.
no color | lime | bright green | yellow green | lt green | aqua | teal | lt blue | violet | purple | fuchsia | pink | lt pink | gray | silver | no color

Printing Backgrounds: Here are two ways to make your printer include the background pictures and colors.
1] Set your browser to "print background" in the "tools", "options", "advanced" and/or "preferences" dialog boxes.
2] Set your printer to "print background" in its "properties" or "options" dialog boxes. Some printers do not have this option.

If you prefer to write out your XO Earth goals instead of printing them out that's great too!

~~~ Artists Invitation ~~~

Artists and photographers are invited to submit new layouts and backgrounds!

[The XO Earth Pledge was based on the Earth Citizens Accord.]